Bird Carving by Judy Garber

About Us

Bird Carving......

Being a bird carver means you are allowed to get saw dust, paint, etc. all over your clothes & all over the floor & no one says a thing......

Ah, freedom - it's great!

Why Birds?

Because birds are Beautiful!

Birds are just one of God's greatest gifts to us -- birds are colorful, energetic and fearless!

The Challenge

It is quite a challenge for me to carve a bird as my goal is to be as accurate as I can in recreating one of the many wonderful birds that are out there.

Meet the Artist


                                                          Judy Garber

                                        Black Forest, Colorado Bird Carver

“I share the woodworking shop with my husband Bob, an artisan clock builder. In the more busy times, it can seem like a strange contest to see who can produce the largest cloud of sawdust and wood chips.” 

“Sometimes I’ll ask him to stop and be quiet for a moment. With my eyes closed, I feel the beak or the wing of the bird I am carving to see if it’s finding its form. Sometimes it’s trying. Most times it’s not ready. But I know that just under the surface . . . maybe a few small strokes of the knife away, or an hour away, or even another month away . . . is what I’m looking for. I’ve learned to be patient.” 

Judy carved her first bird, a small Chickadee, more than 10 years ago. Having completed it and thinking it was certainly not good enough to let anyone see, but maybe a bit too good to throw into the kindling bucket, she left it in a dark corner of the living room.

The next day she noticed Kasey, her Yellow Lab, seated right in front of the Chickadee, gently sniffing it and alternately studying it with one soft attentive brown eye and then the other.

“I think Kasey is waiting for it to fly away. At least, your carving may be good enough to fool the dog,” whispered her husband Bob.

More than ten years later, Judy is still studying, refining her work, and honing her skills. Far more importantly, she has learned that bird carving is her heart’s direct connection with those swarms of little flying creatures that populate the small Black Forest, Colorado horse ranch that she shares with her husband Bob, and her horses, Seppi and Smarty.

And every now and then, with her eyes closed, she feels the beak or the wing of the bird she is carving to see if it’s finding its form. Most times it’s not ready. But sometimes it is. 

And that is truly a joyful moment.

Where you can see Judy's work

The Majestic Gallery

1636 Miner Street

Idaho Springs, CO  80452


Please call the gallery for their hours of operation or visit their website at

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You can call Judy at 719-339-7828


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